Zodiac Symbol Meanings September 20, 2017

The Sun – Symbol of Consciousness

Brilliant psychologist Carl Jung once said:

‘…the only equivalent of the universe within is the universe without…’
Jung believed that only here on Earth, where opposites clas, can the level of consciousness be raised. According to Michele Finey, author of Secrets of the Zodiac, the sun represents our conscious awareness in an astrological context. As human beings, we identify closely with the qualities of the Sun sign. It’s at the centre of our being, just as the Sun is at the centre of the solar system.

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What are Your Shadow and Light Sides? September 2, 2017

Ever noticed how everything has a balance? Good can′t exist without bad, life can′t exist without death, and light can′t exist without darkness. So it′s not surprising that this is true for zodiac signs too! Each zodiac sign has its own positive and negative tendencies. The secret to keeping your life in balance is awareness – knowing which shadows and negative situations to think extra carefully about, so that you can open yourself up to the light!

Here are the light and shadow sides of each of the zodiac signs. Use them to understand yourself and other more deeply, and navigate those challenging situations with more awareness. Whether you want to focus on your Sun, Moon or Rising sign, or a zodiac sign in your chart that has a lot of natal planets, these guidelines can help!

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The 8 Moon Phases & How They Affect Your Body And Mind August 16, 2017

I am the moon and the moon is me… Humans, especially women, have long had a profound connection to the moon. We crave its attention, its guidance, and its mystic properties. We yearn for it, the same way others yearn for the welcoming warmth of daylight. We feel powerful under it — gaining energy and strength from her presence. It’s all a matter of learning how to live your life by each moon phase.

In astrology, the moon is considered female, presiding over our fertility, emotions, and monthly cycles. We are affected by her pull — receding and renewing as often as the tides. We find ourselves drawn between bouts of introversion and introspection and moments of extreme passion and energy.

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