What are Your Shadow and Light Sides?

Ever noticed how everything has a balance? Good can′t exist without bad, life can′t exist without death, and light can′t exist without darkness. So it′s not surprising that this is true for zodiac signs too! Each zodiac sign has its own positive and negative tendencies. The secret to keeping your life in balance is awareness – knowing which shadows and negative situations to think extra carefully about, so that you can open yourself up to the light!

Here are the light and shadow sides of each of the zodiac signs. Use them to understand yourself and other more deeply, and navigate those challenging situations with more awareness. Whether you want to focus on your Sun, Moon or Rising sign, or a zodiac sign in your chart that has a lot of natal planets, these guidelines can help!

Aries: The Successful Ram

Aries Sun signs, or folks with a predominance of Aries in their chart, can be intense. They′re often successful at anything they put their mind to, thanks to their ambition, enthusiasm and courage. They′re typically devoted and loyal to those they love.

Like all zodiac signs, Aries has a dark side they need to keep in check! They have a strong tendency to be moody, short tempered and impulsive. These qualities can hinder success for Aries.

Taurus: The Strong Bull

Taurus energy relates to deep inner strength. This strength makes Taurean types loyal, dependable, persistent and loyal.

The shadow side of Taurus includes stubbornness, over-indulging, and being possessive. But when a Taurus becomes aware of a negative trait, they can use that inner strength to overcome it!

Gemini: Balancing the Twins

Gemini is a prime example of how everything has two sides. Since Gemini represents “the Twins”, balancing the good and bad can be more challenging for people with a lot of Gemini energy. On the positive side, Geminis are imaginative, energetic and adaptable.

Their dark side of this zodiac sign includes superficiality, restlessness, and impulsiveness.

Cancer: The Homebody Crab

Cancers are the traditionalists of the zodiac. They′re extremely caring, dependable and responsive. And just like the crab who carries it′s home on its back, strong Cancer types value security and love their homes.

This deeply private and emotional sign requires plenty of personal space and “alone time” to deal with the demands of the world. Those emotions can makes them self-pitying, self-absorbed, and oversensitive.

Leo: The Generous Lion

Leos are natural leaders. They′re confident, ambitious, generous, and loyal. They can be very successful when they use these traits properly.

Unfortunately, strong Leos can have problems playing with others. People often view them as domineering, pretentious, vain, or melodramatic. A strong Leo type needs to learn to shine their light on others. That generosity of spirit makes everyone happy!

Virgo: The Helpful Virgin

Unlike Leo, Virgos are great team players. They are reliable, precise, observant and analytical.

Of course, all that analyzing can get in the way … Virgos can also be skeptical, inflexible, cold and interfering. Virgo types achieve their goals easier by cultivating patience and allowing things to get a little “messy” once in awhile.

Libra: Balancing the Scales

Libra is about balance, making it easier for strong Libran types to keep their negative qualities in check. Librans tend to be graceful, diplomatic and hospitable.

These wonderful qualities come with a downside. The Libra personality can be introverted, indecisive, and even unreliable. Keeping those scales balanced isn′t always easy!

Scorpio: The Secretive Scorpion

Scorpios are often misunderstood. They′re great at keeping calm in stressful situations, but once that calmness is broken, watch out! They′re also passionate and resourceful.

But their other side can get them in trouble. Scorpios can also be obsessive, manipulative, and unyielding. The trick for strong Scorpio types is to learn to recognize their impulsive negative qualities, then consciously choose to avoid giving way to them “in the heat of the moment.”

Sagittarius: The Focused Centaur

Like Aries, Sagittarians can also be very intense. On the good side, they′re optimistic, visionary and inspirational.

Their shadow qualities include a tendency to be overly blunt, restless, and unemotional. Sagittarians may have issues with commitment and often need direction.

Capricorn: The Intelligent Goat

Capricorns are known for being philosophical and intelligent. They′re practical, organized, responsible, and patient.

On the other hand, they can tend to be unimaginative, inhibited or dictatorial. Capricorns who overcome these issues can climb the highest peaks of their potential.

Aquarius: The Humanitarian Water Bearer

As the only zodiac sign with a human image, it′s no surprise that folks with a predominance of Aquarius tend to be great humanitarians. And thanks to a strong intellect, they′re generally witty and clever too.

The shadow side of Aquarius includes a tendency toward laziness, aloofness and sarcasm. But since they′re so self-aware, overcoming these negative qualities motivates them.

Pisces: The Gentle Fish

Pisces tend to keep a low profile. They′re gentle souls who are compassionate, adaptable, imaginative and devoted.

But these qualities also contribute to their negative side. They can be escapists who may become lazy, oversensitive or even self-pitying.

Finding Your Own Balance

Having your negative traits thrown out in the open may seem overwhelming, but you have the power to energize the shadow or the light! By using your positive traits to conquer your negative ones, you can learn to understand yourself better and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

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